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Side twistlock

Side twistlock

1500 DKK excl. vat | 1875 DKK incl vat

Side twistlocks are connection devices for containers that are designed specifically to allow the container to be bolted or welded to a fixed foundation.
Side twistlocks are easily installed in the side hole on a corner molding of a container, it has no moving parts, is built of ZG 270/500 steel and is hot-dip galvanized.

Side twistlocks can also be used on the upper container corner, so that construction elements etc. can be attached to the top of the container.

There is a 4 week delivery time.

Price is for all based on delivery EXW stock in Horsens (Denmark).
Transport costs will be added for delivery.


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1500 DKK excl. vat
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