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Corner casting, aluminium, bottom right

Corner casting, aluminium, bottom right

2263 DKK excl. vat | 2829 DKK incl vat

Corner castings are items that you find on almost all ISO CSC type containers used for shipping and often also on offshore DNV 2.7-1 containers. This aluminium type corner casting is a special type, where a normal casting has been adapted as much as the aluminium material allows. One complete set for 1 container, consists of 4 x 2 pcs., totally 8 pcs. 2 pcs. Top right (TR), 2 pcs. Top left (TL), 2 pcs. Bottom right (BR), 2 pcs. Bottom left (BL). Inside each corner casting, there is a stamp with either TR, TL, BR or BL to recognize which specific corner casting it is. Aluminium corner castings are supplied with a quality test certificate and mill test certificate, stating the material alloy and the hardness.

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2263 DKK excl. vat
2829 DKK incl vat

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Part of ISO 1161

Model nr.

BR (Bottom Right)

Tare weight

4,5 kg


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