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Containers legs for use at loading bays – can hold up to 30 ton

Containers legs for use at loading bays – can hold up to 30 ton

20499 DKK excl. vat | 25624 DKK incl vat

Rental price: 19 DKK per. day excl. VAT (24 DKK incl. VAT)

With ConFoot shipping container legs, your container can be unloaded at the loading bay from or onto a trailer by just one person….. and without any use of crane or other unloading equipment. Once the container has been secured to a loading bay and is standing on the ConFoot legs, a forklift can be driven straight on to load or unload goods. The maximum weight capacity which can be supported by the legs is 30 tons, supporting the vast majority of loads. It’s user-friendy, cost effective and safe.

How it works

The container is raised by the air suspension chassis on a truck. At this point the ConFoot legs are fitted to the shipping container’s corner casting. When the chassis is then lowered, the legs will come into contact with the ground, shifting the weight of the container onto the legs. The truck can then drive away with it’s chassis and the container will be left standing free on the legs. The same process in reverse is used to load a container back onto the chassis. Check out the video on the right.

What type of chassis will this work on?

For ConFoot legs to function, they must be used in tandem with a truck chassis with functioning air suspension. The chassis must also be able to lower to the point where the corner casting of the loaded shipping container is between 1043 – 1448 mm above the ground. The vast majority of air suspension chassis can do this, but there are a few exceptions.

The set is comprised of two CFP legs at the front (door side) of the container and two original CF legs at the rear. The CF legs are placed at the rear in order to provide extra stability from their innovative magnetic clamp design. The CFP legs retain the same lightweight nature (only 24 kg) as the CF legs meaning that all four legs can be easily installed by just one person. The altered design of the clamping mechanism means that the container doors can be folded fully back. Thus enabling a pocket to be easily fitted whilst the container is mounted on the set. It also allows the container to be left in tighter bays, as space for the doors either side of the container in is not required.

ConFoot sets have been tested with up to a maximum wind speed of 20 m/s, or 72 km/h.

The design of the ConFoot legs structure complies with the safety regulations decribed in the European 2006/42/EC Mavhinery Directive

Designed and tested in Finland.

Available on stock with direct delivery time 3-5 days to Europe.

Available directly from stock – free visual inspection included.

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20499 DKK excl. vat
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Gross weight

24 kg per ben (96 kg for sæt med 4 ben)

Max. payload

30000 kg

Designet til

6, 8, 10 & 20' containere


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