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Bottom transversal twistlock 55

Bottom transversal twistlock 55

265 DKK excl. vat | 331 DKK incl vat

Bottom transversal twistlock 55° is used to lock containers to a floor or deck. It is either welded directly on the surface or used with the Dovetail foundation. This transversal version, means that when installed, the handle will be on the end of the container. Our Bottom transversal twistlock 55° on stock is left handed locked. Type approval certificate is included and can be supplied free of charge. Material certificate is only sometimes available. Please make sure to request certificate(s) latest at time of order.

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265 DKK excl. vat
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SWL 250 kN


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Gross weight

6.4 kg

Model nr.

B-55, BD-E1/L


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