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340 kg magnet – V-MAG – For the extreme

340 kg magnet – V-MAG – For the extreme

475 DKK excl. vat | 594 DKK incl vat

Heavy duty magnet as alternative where welding is difficult, expensive, or time consuming.
This magnet…
…Reduces installation time
…Reduces installation cost
…Works in extreme environments

Holds your item… also in 25 years
We like to call V-MAG a semi permanent, non-destructive, non-intrusive mounting method.
You will find that the magnets are easy to mount and dismount and without any risk of damage to the surface. Still, the proof force loss is within 2% over 25 years of liftime. So it barely loses any magnetism during it’s lifetime.

Keep cameras, ladders, brackets, fixed
Need an item placed easily and quickly. With an Ø8 thread, you can easily install items like light fixtures, fire extinguishers, wireless or security cameras, ladders for climbing, and all kinds of other brackets. Quickly place whatever you need inside your container.
For lighter items, we have the 70 kg magnet as well.

Works in extreme conditions and on any surface
No need for welding or surface preparation. The magnet attaches easily to existing structures.
It is especially suitable for structures placed in extreme areas, like wind turbines, oil rigs, and vessels.
Even in these conditions, the magnet is still on par with welding, but much faster to apply in such extreme environments.

Trust a proven product
More than 2 million V-MAG’s are in use today. It has more than 12 years track record.
Magnets are used in offshore oil, gas, and wind, and maritime industries as well as to some extent defence and telecom. Use the V-MAG to solve what would have been an expensive, difficult, and time consuming welding task.

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475 DKK excl. vat
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External dimensions

L 175 mm x W 60 mm x D 21 mm

Tare weight

1,3 kg


Sort EPDM (UV resistent)


Magneter kan bruges til midlertidig og permanent installation af skabe, belysning, ledninger, skilte, GPS trackere, brandsluknings udstyr, værktøj, osv.

Pre-mounted bolts

1 x M8 x 15 mm & 2 x M6 x 15 mm

Møtrik materiale

Rustfrit stål


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