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10′ standard container, new, from stock

10' standard container, new, from stock

23000 excl. vat | 28750 incl vat

10' container which can be used for dry storage. The container will have been shipped once as goods from factory in Asia, and there can be scratches inside and outside from the transport.

Price is based on delivery EXW stock (Denmark).
Transport costs will be added for delivery.


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23000 excl. vat
28750 incl vat


To be able to add the specific container variant to the basket, select a color AND a location AND a type of access AND whether there should be a lock box. Ie. that you must select one of each of the 4 to be able to add the specific variant of container to the basket.

What does Quick Access and Ordinary Access mean?

Here you choose between which access you have to the right door, which is the door that is always opened first and therefore is what we call the entrance door.

Quick access means that there is only 1 handle on the right door, and with normal access there are 2 handles. The difference is that on the container with quick access, you only have to open 1 handle on the right door to get into the container.

What does lock box and without lockbox mean?

A lockbox is a steel guard in the middle of the doors. It is welded on one door and a bracket is welded on the other door. Inside the lockbox you can store a padlock. On a container without a lockbox, you can only put a padlock on a door handle.

Note that the lockbox is usually not insurance approved. Insurance companies will usually require a Class 5 lock. Such a lock is mounted separately and does not require a lockbox.


Gross weight

10160 kg

Tare weight

1300 kg

Max. payload

8860 kg

External dimensions

L 2991 mm B 2438 mm H 2591 mm

Internal dimensions

L 2831 mm B 2350 mm H 2390 mm

Door opening dimensions

B 2342 mm H 2280 mm

Indvendig kapacitet

15,9 m3

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