There was a time when containers were only used for transport by ship. Those days are over. Today we have containers for all sorts of purposes. We offer containers for construction sites. We have containers for storage. We often make sure to deliver a material container. We offer containers for fireworks. We make a container ready for sports clubs, etc.

In our category for small containers, you will find everything from a 4 foot container and up to a 10 foot container. In that category you will find our bestseller of an 8 foot container. It is compact and easy to transport, while at the same time being large enough to stand in and use as a workshop. It is also easy to use as a material container and storage.

In our category for large containers, you can see find from a 20 foot container up to a 45 foot container. In that category you will find a 20 foot container, which is the container where you get the most space for your money. It is the container most produced by, and the range of colors and types is always greatest for this size.