Offshore containers are designed to be lifted out at sea. For example a lift from supply boat to drilling platform. Or a lift from the supply boat and to the installation ship. Or a lift from ship to ship. The design is covered by international standards such as DNV 2.7-1 and ISO 10855.

Offshore containers have a much stronger frame and are significantly heavier than ordinary standard containers, which would break under the loads to which offshore containers are exposed.

In our category for small containers, you will find everything from a 5 foot container and up to a 10 foot container. Our bestseller is a 10 foot offshore container, which is exactly big enough to be used as e.g. workshop, and at the same time it is easier to find space for that size offshore.

In our category for large containers, you can find everything from a 14 foot container and up to a 37 foot frame. Among other things. our 20 foot offshore container, which is the container where you get the most space for the money and which is easiest to transport with must corresponds to a standard container unit.