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The best way to avoid condensation in the container is to always insulate it. However, it is also always the most expensive solution. It typically costs 10,000 to 15,000 DKK and it must be made before the container is used. Our condenser removers from Absortech Group are an alternative that costs much less here and now, and which can be set up both before and after the container has been taken into use. It is a Swedish product that is reliable and has been in use around the world for many years. Typically, our condensate removers last 1 year depending on what is of moisture in the container.

We have a condensate remover called Absorpole® 2 Liter, which is used for most purposes. In addition, we have one for more intensive use called Absortech® Top 4 Liter. They both consist of a container with a content of Calcium Chloride, also called calcium salt. The salt is very effective in attracting moisture from the air. The salt binds the moisture until there is again a suitable temperature in the container, after which it becomes a liquid which flows into the container. With the condenser remover Absorpole® it is easy to see how much condensation is forming. The amount of liquid can be regularly measured as it is collected in the blue part of Absorpole®.

Condensate removers are used in containers for everything from transporting goods that are moisture sensitive, and to containers for storing packaging, goods or even furniture.